Wednesday, June 28, 2006

INTONATION MUSIC FEST chicago, last weekend

So I skipped Bonaroo the weekend before last and I missed some great music there is no doubt. To make up for being so lame, I, from Detroit, and my buddy from Louisville, met in Chicago last weekend for the Intonation Music Fest. No, it by no means is the size of some summer festivals, but, 2 FULL days, I didn't miss any work, the music started at 1 and went till about 11 or so, and at night you could go to the city and sleep in a bed and shower and all that good stuff. During the day outside, lovely weather in union park, and two stages so there was no wait in between bands which included... the streets, the stills, robert pollard, bloc party, lupe fiasco, jon brion and more. Now i am not going to say all the bands were awesome but the ones I went to see were great. The best part was... 2 day passes were 35 bucks. That's the cost of a single concert these days. Jon Brion alone was worth shelling it out that and the gas money.
The music gods were smiling on us this year too. We woke up sunday morning to find it raining. By the time we made it to the show though it had stopped, and it held off all day, except for a slight sprinkle during the final set with Bloc Party and that was alright. As soon as we got in our respective cars to head home, after a bit of a walk, the sky opened up and it poured. That was no problem though, only problem was getting back and going to work the next day, which in fact was the same day because we got home around 5am, work starts at 9 and you can never fall right to sleep after that car ride. Check it out. for next year...
And if you go you might as well have a nice tshirt, I know where to find one of those.


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